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The Actiwall consist of a balanced series of high-quality wall sections. The key word for Actiwall is screening but Actiwall is also used as seating furniture, room in room and reception.
Actiwall can easily be installed and removed without damage to the room it is placed in. Wall panels that dampen overall sound are option.

The unique multifunction metal frame!

SA Möblers bordsargsystem

Snitsa is the furniture that grows with and adapts to your business! The series is continuously developed to meet the new demands of the market. The development takes place in cooperation with ergonomists, architects and consumers. The multifunction frame built into Snitsa tables are unique. The frame is equipped with a slotted groove and is always screwed to the table top. The spirit is: flexibility and durability, functionality and ease of use.

Flexibility and durability

Different types of legs, T-legs (with or without electric power), V-legs and I-legs are compatible with different types of table tops. For example, it is possible to change a meeting table to a work table. The legs are always attached with the principle of "metal to metal" (no wood screws) and are therefore practically indestructible. All legs are made in square profiles for maximum stability and durability.


In addition to the table legs, cable trays, computer holders, laptop holders and recycling units can be mounted in the multifunction frame. The frame has the same length as the table top which gives the whole table top support. The legs are assembled at our factory to make to the assembly time minimal.

Ease of use

The table legs are mounted without fixed positions at any place along the multifunction frame. Good if you want to hang a computer holder outside the leg, if a wall-mounted cable channel are liable to collide with the leg or if a person wants to sit at the table´s short side. The motorized table legs have integrated electric motors for maximum protection and sober design.


Snitsa multifunction frame has many unique advantages of which the following should be considered extra carefully:

  • The legs are factory assembled.
  • The multifunction frame is always screwed to the tabletop = retained table top support.
  • Short assembly time = outstanding total economy.

Popular products

Snitsa® - our bestseller

Snitsa is by far our largest and widest office furniture range. Snitsa contains tables, conference tables, storages, screens and reception desk. The Snitsa series translates the physical as well as practical needs of a workstation, allowing for a variety of functional, esthetic as well as ergonomic needs. Snitsa are delivered regularly to many of the world's largest brands. Design Kjell Hammar.
See the Snitsa range here: PRODUCTS/SNITSA

SA Möbler AB


SA Möbler AB develops, manufactures and markets office furniture’s designed from eminent designers and design offices from Europe. The office furniture's are produced in our own plant with the highest skilled craftsmen and women in Tibro, the furniture capital of Sweden. More than sixty-five people work with a strong tradition dated all the way back to 1896 combined with modern, powerful machinery in our modern factories that consists of more than 50 000 square meters. In our assortment there are electrical tables, desks, cabinets, shelves, receptions, conference tables, seating furniture's and screens.

On a daily basis, we have equally important visitors, ranging from the end-consumers to the small entrepreneurs all the way up to the national and international companies.

Kjell Hammar & co-workers

Read more about our company under "about".


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