Snitsa-series offers many options for the individually optimized working space. Genius and practical solutions combined with good ergonomics.


Sansa are the furniture series where all of the basic quality demands set by SA Möbler are incorporated. Still we are able to maintain a very attractive price level.


Actiwall consists of a truly well-built series of wall materials. The key word are screening but Actiwall are also used as seating furniture, room in the room or reception.


In these honest materials the A-series represents both our solid furniture history and the present modern solutions.


Subtle as a whisper but still extremely present. With its simple idiom this series creates harmony and calmness.


With an exiting playful base this shelf system offers a wide range of possibilities for the individuals own creativity.

Snitsa XL

Snitsa XL-series are the collection that incorporates the feeling of classical elegance.


Evoluzione, a design by Metrica (Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners), are electrically adjustable tables that creates a healthy and dynamic work environment.


Combo consists of three various sizes of poufs. Small, medium and large that offers flexibility when the working requirements change.

X & Y table

X & Y tables are easy to place simple tables with a focus on practical design.

Office chairs

Our office chairs are both comfortable and beautiful to look at. The chairs offers a lot of adjustments to fit your body.

Conference / visit chairs

Our conference and visitor chairs are constructed for high sitting comfort. Usability and inviting design are two other key words.

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