SA Möbler AB manufactures and sells office furniture, such as adjustable work tables, conference tables, chairs, storage cabinets and receptions, etc.
We are truly interested to understand how our customers and partners want to work and deliver the furniture that supports and strengthens their business and everyday experience.
CEO Kjell Hammar
Our goal with circular products is to create products and furniture solutions that could be adjusted over time for changed needs within the clients organization and also be able to reused by the next client before being recycled.
SA Möbler supply furniture for work, meet and interaction. Seating is a crucial and important part. Having a variety of seating options can promote collaboration and interaction among people which can improve overall productivity and job satisfaction.
With our own factory located in Tibro, Sweden we have the ability to handle all aspects of production, from wood to metalworking and upholstery. We take pride in our own flexibility in adapting to the unique needs and visions of architects and clients, and our commitment to accuracy in every aspect of our business.