The Story

Curiosity, innovation and respect for people and raw materials have always characterized us.

SA Möbler was founded as early as 1896 by Emanuel Andersson. He did it with a pride in the profession and his products and a responsibility for people and family but also for the raw material, don't use more than necessary.

Make long-term durable furniture. Emanuel's responsibility has shaped us in our choices and stance.

Today, when we manufacture furniture for dynamic workplaces, circularity and flexibility are the same as in Emanuel's time.

The following pages will tell you the story about heritage, tradition and a Swedish manufacturer for furniture for the dynamic workplace distributed all over the world.

In some way we believe that Emanuel and his family would have been proud.

Founded 1896 in Tibro, Sweden

SA Möbler was founded in Tibro 1896 by Emanuel Andersson. We are still located at the same spot.

Since 1982, SA Möbler is owned by Kjell Hammar.

When Kjell acquired SA Möbler, he changed the direction from residential furniture to office furniture.

Staff in front of the factory year 1896

Always curious

SA Möblers owner Kjell Hammar developed his first height adjustable table already in 1978 since he saw the advantages of changing the position during computer work.

Kjell Hammar´s curiosity to the future have created an openminded environment were creative co-workers dare to do and dare to test and evaluate.

Kjell Hammar with an early adjustable computer table

Environment and responsibility

The responsibility for environmentally secured production comes with our heritage.

We produce our furniture with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our furniture is developed and manufactured with a circular perspective.

Did you know? That ca 45% of the Snitsa workstation is produced with recycled material.

Did you know? That SA Möbler have reduced our CO2 footprint with 120 tons yearly with our new heating system. The goal is to reduce it with additional 60 tons during 2024.

Illustration image

Tibro is our home

Tibro is are home, but it's also the furniture centre of Sweden with a long tradition and history.
Tibro is also a logistic hub for furniture import and export.

Tibro has a long history of entrepreneurship in various areas.

Tibro is located between lakes Vänern and Vättern, close to the national park Tiveden.

Did you know? That Lake Vättern is so clean and clear that you can see crayfish on the bottom of the lake at a depth of 6 meters. Lake Vättern is the drinking water reserve for almost 500 000 people.

Art installation in the Tidan river