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How do you know that a piece of furniture lives up to a certain, satisfactory quality and that the producer works according to recommended guidelines in the industry?

Möbelfakta sets these guidelines with a complete, relevant and updated reference and labeling system, which thereby becomes synonymous for professionalism and quality to very last link – the consumer.

The system is based on three areas of requirements;

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Social responsibility

The logotype of Möbelfakta correlates with those requirements as it consists of three parts and three triangles; green for environment, blue for quality and orange for social responsibility.

With a range from strictly functional and safety-based requirements to a consistent “green awareness” as well as ethical striving in the production process, Möbelfakta aims for a durable development in order to become the obvious reference an and labeling system for the Swedish furniture industry.

Möbelfakta Certificate


Sam 10 (522 kB)
Sam 20,21 (537 kB)
Sam 30,32 (522 kB)

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