About Cookies

What's a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text-file containing data that the website requests to store on your computer. Cookies are uses on many websites to allow the user access to different functions.

There are two types of cookies.

  • A long termed cookie that are saved on your computer during a longer period, often used to allow functions such as automatic login to chosen sites.
  • The other kind of cookie is a session cookie that is temporarily stored on your computer memory, just to be able to keep track on language choices for example. They are removed when you close your web browser.

What are SA Möbler AB using cookies for?

On www.samobler.se we only work with session cookie and cookie for Google Analytics. We do not use cookies to store user data.

Session cookies

We're working with a session cookie only stored in your computer memory while your web browser is open. If you start another browser, another session cookie is created.

Analytic tool

Samobler.se works with the analytic tool called Google Analytics which needs cookies. This tool is used to analyze the traffic movement on the site just to be able to improve the usability.

Accept or deny cookies?

You can determine the use of cookies or not. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but these are settings you can adjust in your browser, also you can choose to block the cookies.

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