In addition to our in-house designers, we also work with a number of selected Scandinavian designers. Where they all add creative and unique perspectives to furniture in a public environment.


Tengbom's product design is about combining aesthetic values together with functional and technical needs, to create a unique product. A successful design process begins with a clear objective, identified prerequisites and a close dialogue with the customer, where the end user is prominent.

The products Tengbom designs must not only provide the maximum experience in terms of aesthetics and function, but also be durable and give the customer a competitive advantage far into the future.

Products designed by Tengbom: A-series, Core, X & Y table

Tengbom logotype
A-series meeting tables
A-series meeting table 'Hammock Meet'
A-series bench
A-series stools
Core storage
X & Y table

Studio&Friends, Anna Wallin Irinarchos & Sofia Dahlén

Our vision is to create inspiring and sustainable spaces and products that improve our clients´ everyday lives.

With curiosity and a creative mindset, we tailor a unique design for every project.

We love collaboration and see our clients and our network of competence as our &Friends.

Products designed by Studio&Friends: Cobo

Anna Wallin Irinarchos & Sofia Dahlén
Cobo sofa system
Cobo sofa system
Cobo sofa system

White architects, Andreas Sture & Kristofer Jonsson

Design is a broad field that touches everyone’s life. White work from a holistic perspective on design, based on architecture and people’s needs for functional products in an environment that works well for them.

The design team functions as an incubator where ideas are nurtured and develop into innovative, sustainable solutions. Together with the clients, White employ efficient, measurable methods to develop products that make people’s lives easier, more enjoyable and more beautiful.

Products designed by White architects: Mood

Andreas Sture & Kristofer Jonsson
Mood sofa system
Mood sofa system
Mood sofa system
Mood sofa system
Mood sofa system

EgnellAllard Design, Johanna Egnell & Helena Allard

Egnell/Allard is a design studio, specialized in strong concepts and ideas adapted to each client's unique needs in architecture, interiors, products and exhibitions.

The belief is that design is created by passion, creative intelligence and, above all, personal commitment. They have a close, tight and honest dialogue with their customers and clients and are themselves involved all the way from the drawing board to the finished result.

Products designed by Egnell/Allard: Cross

Johanna Egnell & Helena Allard
Cross sofa system
Cross sofa system
Cross sofa system
Cross sofa system
Cross sofa system

Wingårdh architects

Wingårdh architects is a Swedish architectural firm with offices in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, founded by Gert Wingårdh.

Wingårdh's architecture has been described by Gert Wingårdh as "high organic". The term expresses an interest in high-tech solutions in combination with sensual, preferably lyrical, qualities.

Products designed by Wingårdh architects: Chare

Wingårdh architects logotype
Chare table
Chare tables
Chare table
Chare shelf
Chare storage
Chare table

Professor, architect SAR SIR Love Arbén

The collaboration between SA Möbler and Love Arbén began during the work on the furniture for Konstfack.

This furniture should be perceived as discreet but still strongly present through its clean design language and exciting technical solutions.

Products designed by Love Arbén: artur

Love Arbén
artur table
artur table
artur table

Mattias Wreland

Since 2013, Mattias Wreland has worked under the name Mattias Wreland Design & Architecture.

The business consists of architectural assignments such as villas, holiday homes and public premises. Today, he has a greater focus on furniture design than before and has ongoing projects with several companies in the Swedish furniture industry.

Products designed by Mattias Wreland: Sam

Mattias Wreland
Sam chair
Sam chair
Sam chair
Sam chair
Sam chairs

Design SA, Kjell Hammar

Kjell's design is very functionally oriented, where in everyday life you should find small details that surprise positively and facilitate one's work tasks. The furniture may also preferably be of a more timeless design, must be made to last as well as adaptable to a changing world.

In addition to the obvious requirement for good ergonomics, Kjell is always looking for production-friendly solutions for the company's conditions, no product is better than its weakest link.

Products designed by Design SA, Kjell Hammar: Snitsa, Sansa, Snitsa Zone, Actiwall

Kjell Hammar
Snitsa table
Sansa table
Snitsa table with H-stand
Snitsa sliding doors cabinet
Snitsa pull-out cabinet
Snitsa storage with Zone shelf
Actiwall screens
Actiwall reception