artur Meeting tables

Sorry to bother you…

The artur range stands silent in the background, but differs from multitude.

Cheeky but yet anonymous, a desk is a desk is a desk!

With its distinct design and obvious choice of material, would we like to show that you don´t have to scream to be heard in the loud design noise. artur speaks in lower-case but is heard anyway. artur appears on the design stage, both at work and at home.

Silence please…

Design Love Arbén

artur table with Sam chairs
artur table artur table
Assortment tables


Our artur tables are available as standard from lengths of 1200 mm to 2000 mm.

Width from 600 to 1200 mm. Height 720 mm.

Want other dimensions or designs? Contact customer support.

Material table top

Compact laminate

Compact laminate white White
Compact laminate black Black

High pressure laminate

High pressure laminate white White
High pressure laminate light grey Light grey
High pressure laminate black Black
High pressure laminate Fenix Nero Ingo Fenix 0720 Nero Ingo

Furniture linoleum

Linoleum 4023 Nero 4023 nero
Linoleum 4132 Ash 4132 ash
Linoleum 4154 Burgundy 4154 burgundy
Linoleum 4172 Mauve 4172 mauve
Linoleum 4174 Conifer 4174 conifer
Linoleum 4175 Pebble 4175 pebble
Linoleum 4176 Mushroom 4176 mushroom
Linoleum 4177 Vapour 4177 vapour
Linoleum 4179 Smokey blue 4179 smokey blue


Ash veneer Ash
White-stained ash veneer White-stained ash
Birch veneer Birch
Oak veneer Oak
Grey-black stain on oak veneer Grey-black stained oak
Black stain on oak veneer Black stained oak

Material stand


White White
Black Black
artur table


  • Table tops are made from 12 mm compact laminate or wood fiber boards coated with wood veneer, high pressure laminate or furniture linoleum.
  • Fully welded legs, height 72 cm
  • Special sizes offered on request. Length Width Height…
  • Tested and approved by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB
artur table with castors and A-series stools at a Core cabinet Detail image of artur table
artur table with castors and A-series stool at a Core cabinet artur table with castors and A-series stools
artur table artur table