X & Y table

For support or as a beautiful decoration

X & Y table are easy-to-place pillar tables that can be easily combined with various seating furniture.

The displaced table top position of the Y table gives good access and lift possibility.

Design Tengbom

X table tables
Y table table Y table table
Assortment tables


Our X & Y tables are available as standard from ⌀400 mm to ⌀700 mm and 700x700 mm.

Want other dimensions or shapes? Contact customer support.

Material table top

High pressure laminate

High pressure laminate white White
High pressure laminate light grey Light grey
High pressure laminate black Black
High pressure laminate Fenix Nero Ingo Fenix 0720 Nero Ingo

Furniture linoleum

Linoleum 4023 Nero 4023 nero
Linoleum 4132 Ash 4132 ash
Linoleum 4154 Burgundy 4154 burgundy
Linoleum 4172 Mauve 4172 mauve
Linoleum 4174 Conifer 4174 conifer
Linoleum 4175 Pebble 4175 pebble
Linoleum 4176 Mushroom 4176 mushroom
Linoleum 4177 Vapour 4177 vapour
Linoleum 4179 Smokey blue 4179 smokey blue


Ash veneer Ash
White-stained ash veneer White-stained ash
Birch veneer Birch
Oak veneer Oak
Grey-black stain on oak veneer Grey-black stained oak
Black stain on oak veneer Black stained oak

Material stand


White White
Silver Silver
Black Black
X table tables


  • Table tops are made from 12 mm thick birch plywood or 16 mm thick colored MDF.
  • The table tops are coated with laminate, wood veneer or furniture linoleum.
  • Metal frames are powder coated in white, silver grey or black.