Actiwall Screens


Todays workplaces require flexible walls, screens and sound absorbers. Therefore, we have developed Actiwall as a response to the need for acoustically and visually distinct environments.

Actiwall consists of a balaced series of high-quality wall material without the need for anchoring to the wall or floor.

Actiwall's sections can be used as a screen wall and room in the room and also as a reception desk.

Actiwall room
Actiwall room Actiwall room
Assortment Actiwall


Actiwall sections are made in width 600 mm & 800 mm and height 1060 mm, 1390 mm & 2090 mm.

Top boards in two widths: 100 mm and 200 mm.

Want other dimensions? Contact customer support.



Melamine white White
Melamine light grey Light grey
Melamine black Black

High pressure laminate

High pressure laminate white White
High pressure laminate light grey Light grey
High pressure laminate black Black
High pressure laminate Fenix Nero Ingo Fenix 0720 Nero Ingo


Ash veneer Ash
White-stained ash veneer White-stained ash
Birch veneer Birch
Oak veneer Oak
Grey-black stain on oak veneer Grey-black stained oak
Black stain on oak veneer Black stained oak
Actiwall with hidden cable routing


  • The sections are produced in white, light grey or black melamine as well as wood veneer
  • The sections are built straight or in an angle
  • Wall thickness 10 cm
  • Standard heights are 106, 139 & 209 cm
  • The sections are prepared for hidden cable installation
  • A clever installation tool makes the assemblage easy
Actiwall screen Actiwall room