Snitsa Screens


The Snitsa series screens are available in many different designs.

All have a common goal – to dampen the general noise level and screen off.

The screens fit both SA Möbler's own range and our colleagues' products.

Snitsa worktable with H-stand and front screens
Samba work table with front screen Samba work table with front screen with function panel
Assortment Snitsa front screens Assortment Snitsa floor screens

Fabric example

Camira Cara (price group 1)

Fabric Camira Cara EJ004 Glass EJ004 Glass
Fabric Camira Cara EJ016 Portland EJ016 Portland
Fabric Camira Cara EJ038 Tummel EJ038 Tummel
Fabric Camira Cara EJ185 Staffa EJ185 Staffa
Fabric Camira Cara EJ192 Lomond EJ192 Lomond

Camira Blazer Lite (price group 2)

Fabric Camira Blazer Lite LTH39 Retreat LTH39 Retreat
Fabric Camira Blazer Lite LTH46 Daydream LTH46 Daydream
Fabric Camira Blazer Lite LTH57 Verity LTH57 Verity
Fabric Camira Blazer Lite LTH59 Worship LTH59 Worship
Fabric Camira Blazer Lite LTH70 Solace LTH70 Solace

Gabriel Cura Screen (price group 2)

Fabric Gabriel Cura Screen 60410 60410
Fabric Gabriel Cura Screen 60427 60427
Fabric Gabriel Cura Screen 61532 61532
Fabric Gabriel Cura Screen 62482 62482
Fabric Gabriel Cura Screen 68461 68461

Gabriel Hush (price group 2)

Fabric Gabriel Hush 60154 60154
Fabric Gabriel Hush 60155 60155
Fabric Gabriel Hush 60158 60158
Fabric Gabriel Hush 68103 68103
Fabric Gabriel Hush 68160 68160

Kvadrat Floyd Screen (price group 3)

Fabric Kvadrat Floyd Screen 0106 0106
Fabric Kvadrat Floyd Screen 0146 0146
Fabric Kvadrat Floyd Screen 0226 0226
Fabric Kvadrat Floyd Screen 0266 0266
Fabric Kvadrat Floyd Screen 0946 0946

Kvadrat Remix Screen (price group 3)

Fabric Kvadrat Remix Screen 0128 0128
Fabric Kvadrat Remix Screen 0148 0148
Fabric Kvadrat Remix Screen 0228 0228
Fabric Kvadrat Remix Screen 0408 0408
Fabric Kvadrat Remix Screen 0908 0908

Material brackets


White White
Silver grey Silver grey
Black Black
Sansa work table with front screen


  • The front screens are offered in three different thicknesses
  • There are straight and rounded corners in the range
  • Function panel for e.g. monitor bracket is available as an accessory
  • The floor screens have a rectangular design and good sound attenuation
  • Test values for sound attenuation are available for all models
Detail image of front screen with rounded corner Samba work table with front screens and Ako work chair
Samba work table with front screens Samba work table with front screens
Sansa work table with front screen Snitsa work table with front screen