Chare arbetsbord

Chare by Wingårdhs

A work table that is more than adjustable. More than frame and table top. Which is based on function but forms a whole. It´s Chare.

The design of the table´s mechanical part cerates the expression – and gives a wooden feel.

Plus, round shapes – no hard corners to walk into and a screen with soft, fine stitching. But the classic straight is also available as an alternative.

Material selection and design are made so that the product will last and age nicely over time. Components and materials come from the Nordic region.

Chare work table with front screen
Chare work table with front screen Chare work table with front screens
Assortment Chare table tops


Our work tables are available as standard from 1400x800 mm to 1600x800 mm.

Want other dimensions? Contact customer support.

Material table top

High pressure laminate

High pressure laminate white White
High pressure laminate light grey Light grey
High pressure laminate black Black
High pressure laminate Fenix Nero Ingo Fenix 0720 Nero Ingo

Furniture linoleum

Linoleum 4023 Nero 4023 nero
Linoleum 4132 Ash 4132 ash
Linoleum 4154 Burgundy 4154 burgundy
Linoleum 4172 Mauve 4172 mauve
Linoleum 4174 Conifer 4174 conifer
Linoleum 4175 Pebble 4175 pebble
Linoleum 4176 Mushroom 4176 mushroom
Linoleum 4177 Vapour 4177 vapour
Linoleum 4179 Smokey blue 4179 smokey blue


Ash veneer Ash
White-stained ash veneer White-stained ash
Oak veneer Oak

Material stand


Ash Black
Ash / Black
Whitelaserat ask Black
Whitelaserat ask / Black
Oak Black
Oak / Black


Ash Ash
Whitelaserat ask White-stained ash
Oak Oak
Chare work table with front screen


  • Adjustable height 62-127 cm
  • One electric motor in each leg
  • Separate control unit
  • Intuitive keypad for height adjustment
  • Keypad with e.g. Bluetooth, pre-set heights, digital display and light strip (option)
Chare work table with front screen Chare work table with front screen
Chare work table with front screen and Chare storage Chare work table with front screen and Chare storage

Wingårdh architects

Wingårdh architects is a Swedish architectural firm with offices in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, founded by Gert Wingårdh.

Wingårdh's architecture has been described by Gert Wingårdh as "high organic". The term expresses an interest in high-tech solutions in combination with sensual, preferably lyrical, qualities.

Products designed by Wingårdh architects: Chare

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