Sansa Work tables

Based on simplicity

The Sansa range is primarily based on Linak's lifting column which is attached to the Sansa frame and sidebars.

Sansa shares table tops with the Snitsa range and offers a light and uncomplicated solution.

The Sansa system is continuously being developed.

White table top with white Sansa stand
White sliding table top with white Sansa stand and front screen White table top with white Sansa stand and front screen
Assortment Sansa tables


Our work tables are available as standard from 1200x700 mm to 1800x800 mm.

Sliding table tops are available as standard from 1200x700 mm to 1800x800 mm.

Want other dimensions or shapes? Contact customer support.

Material table top


Melamine white White
Melamine light grey Light grey
Melamine black Black
Melamine oak Oak
Melamine oak brown Brown oak
Melamine oak black Black oak

High pressure laminate

High pressure laminate white White
High pressure laminate light grey Light grey
High pressure laminate black Black
High pressure laminate Fenix Nero Ingo Fenix 0720 Nero Ingo

Furniture linoleum

Linoleum 4023 Nero 4023 nero
Linoleum 4132 Ash 4132 ash
Linoleum 4154 Burgundy 4154 burgundy
Linoleum 4172 Mauve 4172 mauve
Linoleum 4174 Conifer 4174 conifer
Linoleum 4175 Pebble 4175 pebble
Linoleum 4176 Mushroom 4176 mushroom
Linoleum 4177 Vapour 4177 vapour
Linoleum 4179 Smokey blue 4179 smokey blue


Ash veneer Ash
White-stained ash veneer White-stained ash
Birch veneer Birch
Oak veneer Oak
Grey-black stain on oak veneer Grey-black stained oak
Black stain on oak veneer Black stained oak

Material stand


White White
Silver grey Silver grey
Black Black
Table controls


  • Adjustable height 62-127 cm or 71-121 cm
  • One electric motor in each leg
  • Frames is manufactured in four different lengths for table tops 115-200 cm
  • Foldable keypad with ability for discreet placement
  • Keypad with e.g. Bluetooth, pre-set heights, digital display and light strip (option)
  • Sliding table top function (option)
  • Tested and approved by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB
  • Meets Möbelfakta's requirements
Bottom view of Sansa table Bottom view of Sansa table with sliding table top


  • Customer:
  • Address:
    Hammarby Kajgata 12, Stockholm
  • Type of business:
    Building constructions
  • Architect:
    AB Evert Lindelöf Stockholm
  • Furniture series:
    Snitsa, Sansa and A-series
  • Photographer:
    Lasse Olsson

BTKon conducts consultancy in the field of building construction design.

They are active in the Swedish construction industry. The industry is currently undergoing a generational shift where clients place new demands on delivered results. The technical development within BIM and design technology places great demands on projectors.

The mission was to create an office that is functional, flexible and modern, where people are in focus so that it is easy to meet and work. There were wishes for different types of meeting places for both sitting and standing meetings.

The result is an open and airy office with a Scandinavian and modern design based on natural materials, light wood and warm colors.

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