Forsyning Helsingør

Reference Picture: Forsyning Helsingør

About the Project

The operating center at Forsyning Helsingør chose to move its 150 employees to a brand new, sustainable building with the desire for an open and inviting interior to be able to share the outside world in their technical universe. Interstudio was chosen as interior designers for the task and has created an interior design that both meets the open mindset with lots of opportunities for project zones. A fresh and participatory environment.

About Forsyning Helsingør

Forsyning Helsingør is owned by Helsingør Municipality.
Vision: Forsyning Helsingør shall be Denmark's leading public utility.
Mission: Forsyning Helsingør works for a well-functioning and environmentally conscious society.
They supply electricity, water and heat and ensure that waste and waste water disappear.


  • Customer:
    Forsyning Helsingør A/S
  • Address:
    Energivej 25, Helsingør
  • Time:
  • Type of business:
  • Architect:
  • Project Manager:
  • Furniture series:
    Snitsa, Sansa and A-series
  • Workstations:
    94 pcs.
  • Photographer:
    Morten Meldgaard


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