Reference Picture: Klarna

About the Project

SA Möbler AB began the collaboration with Klarna already back in 2011 and is still today a proud supplier to their new headquarters, Klarna-huset in Stockholm. Klarna listens to its employees. Some of the staff wanted traditional desk, other prefers the laid back approach in a couch, yet some prefers a project desk. Their thought was never to set any rules and create an activity based office more or less the opposite.

About Klarna

Klarna was founded in 2005 and is still today leading the supply chain for payments. During the last decade they have grown from a small Stockholm business to one of the most prominent organizations in Europe with its 1100 employees who continuously supplies solutions to more than 25 million customers in 16 different markets.


  • Customer:
    Klarna AB
  • Address:
    Sveavägen 46, Stockholm
  • Area:
    9000 m²
  • Time:
  • Type of business:
    Supplier of Internet payments
  • Architect:
  • Project Manager:
    Nextport & Klarna
  • Furniture series:
    Snitsa and A-serien
  • Workstations:
    +800 pcs.
  • Photographer:
    Jason Strong


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