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About the Project

In public parts such as kitchens, lounges and meeting rooms, the focus on design has been to represent Rights & Brand's working in a mix of seriousness and playfulness. The idea here has been to highlight Rights & Brands as the leading Nordic storytelling licensing company of great artistic quality. Therefore, much of the design work has been about showing off the company's products and brands. We want to show quality before quantity in the new office. We therefore focused on creating a design that refers rather to how the museum displays its collections than how a store does it. In order to show Rights & Brand's quality, we have chosen to magnify print on selected parts of the office and showcase the enormous craftsmanship that lies in every little detail and line of the trademarks of Rights & Brands. Loose furniture follows the proposed color range, while solid furniture is made in pine stained with light spruce to enhance the Nordic style.

About Rights & Brands

Rights & Brands is a licensing and publishing agency bringing Nordic rights and brands to a global arena.


  • Customer:
    Rights & Brands
  • Address:
    Rosenlundsgatan 31, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Time:
  • Type of business:
    Licensing and publishing agency
  • Architect:
    Anders Berensson Architects
  • Project Manager:
    Wallensteen & Co
  • Furniture series:
    Snitsa and A-series
  • Workstations:
    28 pcs.
  • Photographer:
    Lasse Olsson Photo


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